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We offer a comprehensive implementation of the insulation work.

Insulate: pipes, tanks, boilers, electrostatic precipitators, devices, and district heating systems, exhaust systems, air ducts and any equipment requiring protection ensures safety.

The main work of ensuring the correct execution and the quality of the insulation are:

  •          welding construction
  •          assembly of the insulating material
  •          flashing

Flashing is performed on the central workshop. These include:

  •          knee
  •          tubing
  •          bottoms
  •          coats
  •          hoods, boxes
  •          pours
  •          hatches
  •          duct housing

We use all types of metal: zinc, aluocynk, Aluminum, Stainless steel, black coated, painted and perforated.

We provide you with high quality workmanship and advice for the selection of appropriate materials.


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